OPPORTUNITY: In a world of black and white, standing up for art is an act of liberation - and in Heal Everything, Heal Everyone - from the makers of We Can Do It! - only the colorful stand out from the crowd.  

This week, we want to see videos of what you stand up for! Love, Earth Liberation, the 99%…. get creative, and download images and animated GIFs at liquidtelevision.com for inspiration. Send us your videos via liquidtelevision.tumblr.comfacebook.com/LiquidTV, or on twitter @liquid_tv, hashtag #Worldword, and we’ll repost our favorites to liquidtelevision.com!

Art by indie comics hero Ron Regé, Jr., animation by OK Go’s editor Paula Salhanny, and sound design by Lem Jay Ignacio, Becky Stark, and Suzanne Goldish.  The voices are by OK Go’s Damian Kulash and The Finches’ Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs. Produced by The Imaginary Company.

The alternative to reality.


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